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E-Bike KC was interviewed for an article on electric bikes in the Washington Post.
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E-Bike KC was featured on KCUR as part of it’s Maker’s series.
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If the link no longer works, download the text of the article here:
E-Bike KC KCUR 2017

How to get your E-Bike

  • We examine your bike and determine if it would make a good E-Bike.
  • If you don’t already have a bike, we will recommend a suitable donor.
  • We’ll talk about your goals for the bike: desired speed, range and more.
  • We take the bike to our workshop and do the conversion. This includes:
    1. If requested, the design and build of a custom battery box.
    2. Installing the electric motor kit and battery.
    3. Giving the bike a thorough test ride to ensure workmanship.
  • We deliver the bike back to you ready to ride. You can now go farther, faster!
  • The conversion process usually takes 2-4 weeks depending on parts availability.
  • Costs vary depending on parts selection.  See our E-Bike Parts Menu here.
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E-Bike KC is a Kansas City based electric bike conversion workshop.  We create elegant, powerful machines using state-of-the-art electronics added to proven bike platforms.  Let us help you make the E-Bike you’ve always wanted…

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