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Moderate Assist

Tongsheng TSDZ2
36V (350W) or 48V (500W): $425

Full Assist

Bafang BBS02
36V (500W) or 48V (750W): $525

Maximum Assist

Bafang BBSHD
48V or 52V (1000W): $800


Downtube Battery
Rear Rack Battery

Standard Packs

13AH made from Samsung 2600mAH cells
36V: $320
48V: $360

15AH made from Samsung 2900mAH cells
36V: $380
48V: $440

Long Range Packs

18AH made from Samsung 3400mAH cells
36V: $420
48V: $500

High Power/Light Weight Packs

12AH made from Samsung 3000mAH 5C cells
36V: $350
48V: $400

Other configurations/cell types are available; just ask.
Most bikes can fit a downtube battery which is best for weight distribution.
If a downtube battery cannot be fit, a rear rack battery can be used.
All batteries are made to order in China by a professional battery supplier.

Custom Battery Box

We can make a custom 3-D printed battery box that will fit the exact dimensions of your bike and give it a unique OEM look that no one else will have. Additionally, you are not limited to the dimensions of a factory box and could fit a larger battery if you wished.

Custom Battery Box: $150 + cost of battery

3-D Printed Battery Box


Our installation fee is a flat rate for most bikes and includes:

Removing all the necessary parts from the donor bike.
Professionally installing the motor kit and battery.
Giving the bike a full test ride to ensure workmanship.

Installation fee: $200